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& Steven Samblis

Monday, May 25, 2020


Because Mr. Samblis chose to call Larry a dirt bag, and had posted some false information about the domain name issue... we have posted the actual exchange related to the issue.  Read through it and decide for yourself.  Its best to start at the bottom and work your way up in order to follow the flow from the beginning.

This is the exchange with Samblis over the domain names.  


2nd Email

3rd Email

---> And the newest bizzar twist... Mr. Samblis is now threatning legal action if we do not remove these emails. 

See the details here.

(Easy read email thread here )

In the email, reference is made to a page that is no longer available.  It was taken down because an agreement was made with Samblis that if we took down the page, he would authorize use of what he calls "copyrighted" photos.  Mr. Samblis stated the photo used was a fake.  This is addressed within the emails.  He stated the photo was fake because when anyone clicked on the link (within the LieHub page) to the photo, it returned a blank page.  Granted the photo is no longer available at that link, but that doesn't mean the photo is a fake.  Look closely at the photo, enlarge it if you can... it is plain to see there is a MugShots.com watermark embedded in the photo.  However, we have since found a link where the photo is still available...here.  So I guess even Mr. Samblis can not argue its a fake now because there is a page with that photo on it.