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Monday, May 25, 2020


FAQ's and News about the company:

In this section we will attempt to address some of the most discussed (and possibly misunderstood and misrepresented) topics about the company.  We will also use this section for news releases, and other important information about the company.  The format will be in blog form, in that the information is sorted by date (newest at bottom).


Dilution:  There has been intense discussion about the dilution of the stock by Mr. Samblis.

There has been no dilution of the stock (see Steve's response to this topic here  and here and here).  (Note1: We do not recommend this site, as it is the root of most of the negative and inaccurate information about the company - see message board page for more info) Note2:( This is a public statement by the CEO of the company.  Any public misrepresentation of facts about the company could land the CEO in hot water).

Can I watch PunchTV now? If so, where ?:

No... PunchTV off the air.  However, click here for a link to VU Television Network now broadcasting on FilmOn. 

==> See ALL of Mr. Samblis's Investors Hangout public posts here:  http://investorshangout.com/profile/latestposts/id/1966
         (its extremely important to distinguish between a publically traded company's CEO posting publically... and that of a basher hiding behind an alias - one has everything to lose, while the anonymous poster bashing the company has nothing to lose.  Which one would you find more creditable ?)  

9/29/2012 - Mr. Samblis calls out some bashers.  http://investorshangout.com/post/view?id=131459&post_name=

10/05/2012 - possibly one of the best posts from the CEO !: http://investorshangout.com/post/view?id=137738&post_name=

11/7/2012 - Mr Samblis responds to unsubstantiated accusations that what he says (posts publically) is not accurate:  http://investorshub.advfn.com/boards/read_msg.aspx?message_id=81224200  

11/12/2012 - a certain basher on the LieHub board keeps bringing up the subject of a reverse split (R/S).  He frequently cites a R/S as if its a forgone conclusion.  Although we can't find the post during this writing, we believe Steve has addressed this issue as untrue.  However... even if it were to be possible, or true, here is a link demonstrating that a R/S is not always a bad thing for a company.  In FACT the reality is - "An equity strategist at Birinyi Associates studied the 14 stocks in the S&P 500 index that have reverse split since 2000. Of those, 12 were higher a year later. The average gain was 62.55%, CNBC reports."   See complete article here: http://money.msn.com/top-stocks/post.aspx?post=a13bd075-cc2c-42bf-81b5-d69a5c8d3b1c
  and a good post on the subject here. (notice that this post was deleted from the board)

(Update: as of 6/23/2013 the content on the MSN Money link above has been replaced, but there is still some related value at the link, so we left it active.  Here is the original report.)

11/14/2012 - Release of the 10-K report.  WOW... what a day.  Report was released towards the end of the day, but with trading time still remaining, and the PPS dropped over 40% to a low of .0042.  It did recover slightly to .0045 by the close.  Report detailed increase in sales profits (700%), and increases in assets 200k to 3 million), and book value increased by 10 times... however there was a net operating loss of over 6-million.  Most of this loss was due to the purchase of PunchTV and stock compensation to officers (restricted shares).  Some investors were upset over the increase in Authorized Shares to 4-billion.

Steve came on the LieHub board to face the wolves - a bold move in our opinion.  However, he answered every "serious" question put to him about the report, and the future of the company.  We were not dissatisfied with his answers.  We started recording the post numbers, but there were so many of them that its best if you just went to the day and started at post # 84737.  As of this writing, Steve responded to over 40 questions in over 3 hours.

11/15/2012: Good post here that we think sums it all up: http://investorshangout.com/post/view?id=181840

Steve responds to the possible utilization of the additional authorized shares here.

Steve responds to the controversy surrounding the increase in Authorized Shares: http://investorshangout.com/post/view?id=189791 

Steve responds to questions on what explains the PPS drop yesterday here.  

11/20/2012 - Good news out today about increase in viewership (also includes affiliate listing as of this date).  See it here: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/punch-tv-stuns-industry-phenomenal-224800235.html

11/28/2012 - Tempers flaring with some posters on Investors Hangout about the low PPS.  Start here to follow the thread: http://investorshangout.com/post/view?id=196849

11/28/2012 - Steve weighs in with a post of his own... see it here: http://investorshangout.com/post/view?id=198551

11/30/2012 - Bogus controversy started on LieHub, then infected the Investors Hangout board, recently about ICPA uplisting to the OTC-QX board.  You can follow the thread if you like, however you will get the facts from Steve himself, here, here, here, here, and here.  Looks like the bashers have moved over from LieHub to Investors Hangout.  Its nice to see a CEO come on the message board and set the record straight, and at the same time show what the creditability is of the posters who perpetuated this bogus rumor.  

12/05/2012 - EXCELLENT response by CEO when questioned about what the company has done for investors, lately: http://investorshangout.com/post/view?id=208195

12/6/2012 - ICPA starts trading as PNCH today.  Company name change from IC Places, Inc to IC Punch Media, Inc.

12/7/2010 - Issue (flavor of the day/month) - shorting of PNCH.  There are some posts here, here, and here... and Steve adds a post here. It seems as though there is never a SHORTage of bogus issues to bash the company with.

12/12/2012 - RantFinance posts a great opinion article on the potential with IC Punch Media: Here.

12/19/2012 - Steve responds to the issues/problems with the FilmOn app: here, here, here and a follow up here.

12/19/2012 - Steve responds to poster questioning the current PPS: Here

12/20/2012 - National News Release about new original programming coming on-line:  here

12/30/2012 - What does PunchTV have going for it... take a look at the list HERE.

1/2/2013 - WOW... 85% PPS increase today !  2013 is looking really good for PNCH today.

1/3/2013 - Competing broadcast network sells for $500 million, with less homes than PunchTV has.  See article here.  Interesting comment on article here.

1/6/2013 - The boss looking cool !  http://investorshangout.com/post/464817/who-dat

1/15/2013 - Clear Channel news release about New Orleans International airport going live here.  And here is some background about the IC Punch Media connection.

1/15/2013 - United Fight Alliance (UFA) signs broadcast deal with Punch TV.  See complete details here.

1/16/2013 - Graphic of Punch TV broadcast stations: Here

1/17/2013 - Question posed today regarding how many shares of stock "the company" has sold.  The CEO answers here

1/21/2013 - Steve posts about his invitation to the Travel & Tourism industry at the 13th World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) Global Summit, here.

1/21/2103 - IC Punch Media, Inc get bigger and better everyday !  Check out these links in this post here.

1/23/2013 - PunchTV logo now displayed on the Clear Vision front page, here (second graphic, then lower left)

1/23/2013 - If your a fan of Centric T.V., VH1 Soul, & Punch Television, then you'll love WVRO! It's a T.V. show for your ears! Check it out here.

1/23/2013 - Check out PunchTV YouTube channel, here.

1/25/2013 - Edgy network for urban audiences, Punch TV, now available in Dallas - read more here.

1/29/2013 - Punch TV announced today that its one-of-a-kind network will launch on Comcast's Jackson, MS area Channel 14 – a prime time cable platform. Punch TV also entered into a strategic relationship with Jackson State University (JSU) to launch additional content and multi-media features such as their WeatherVision Meteorology program over the coming weeks and months. Read more here.

1/30/2013 - Joseph Collins sets the record straight over on the LieHub - see the post here.  (this has apparently been verified now, here, or here )

2/4/2013 - Per Steve Samblis... next filing date is March 29, 2013.  See his post here.

2/6/2013Punch TV Opens Long Awaited Door For Small Cap Companies With New Business Show.  Details here.

2/8/2013 - The bashers over on LieHub have been at the Reverse Split scare tatic again, and Steve, once again, flately denies any such action.  See his response here.

2/12/2013 - IC Punch Media 1st Annual Stockholders Meeting, details here and here.

2/14/2013 - PunchTV President Joseph Collins responds to a post on Investors Hub.  See the original post here, and see his response here

2/15/2013 - Bashers trying to draw attention to a FINRA report on Steve as being something bad.  See the report here and judge for yourself.  As usual, the bashers post either half-truths, or outright lies, and think you will not do the research to verify the accusation.

2/19/2013 - Exclusive Hollywood style bash on Sunday April 14, 2013 at The Jon Lovitz Club - see details here.

2/20/2013 - An interesting article in PRNewswire (here) about a meeting between Morgan Stanley and the Black Shopping Channel (BSC).  In this article it highlights the plans of BSC to make an IPO for the company.  When reading the article we were struck by the comparison of BSC and PunchTV.  It would appear, based on statements in the article, that PunchTV certainly has more going for it than BSC, yet Morgan Stanly indicated that if BSC goes ahead with imminent plans for the IPO, the PPS could be around $5.00 a share.  However, and here is the take your breath away part... if they wait until potential viewership reached 65-million - they could have an IPO PPS of around $70.00.  Unfathomable that PNCH (which already has over 60-million potential viewers) could be selling for somewhere near $70.00 pert share.  Read the article and judge for yourself.

2/22/2013 - Unbelievable !  LieHub deleted a response by Steve last night, wherein he was rebutting Paulyb's repeated (ad nauseam) assertions that Steve is diluting the company by selling shares.  Steve stated (and we're paraphrasing here because it was deleted) that for the 10th and final time... he has not sold a single share.  So they deleted that, but HERE is a post that gives a flavor of the venom over on that board, and the nut-jobs they allow to continually post garbage.  Like we said... unbelievable!

2/23/2013 - Excellent post by the CEO.  Read it here Steve addresses some contraversy brewing on LieHub.  Also he adds some good advice about investing in the stock market, and finishes with a challenge for the bashers.  Great stuff !

2/24/2013 - Steve posts a plea about responding to bashers, here.  Good advice, because if they are "paid" bashers, they likely receive compensation for every response one of their posts generates.  If they are simply sick individuals posting unsupported garbage, then you will be feeding their ego by responding directly to them.  There was a related post here that addresses bashing also, and would be worth following the conversation on the issue.  ALSO... see our blog post entitled "Bashing... its a tough job, but..." here.  

 2/25/2013 - There was a big dust-up over the weekend regarding the issue of SEC comment letters.  See the letters here, here, and here.  Steve responded to the issue here, here, and here, and here is the amended 10-K (and here are the attachments/exhibits).  Additionally, since there is only Steve's word that he responded to the 1/22/13 letter from the SEC, there have been many calls for Steve to produce documentation of either his response to the 1/22/13 letter, or, documentation from the SEC that the issue has been addressed satisfactorily (such as here ).  As of this writing, no such documentation has been produced publically, such that either message board could see. 

 2/27/2013 - although the SEC issue is still a hot topic on LieHub... Steve posted another post about it here.  Although this is a non-issue in Steve's mind, it appears the basher crew over on LieHub will not let it go until they see some supporting documentation regarding Steve's stated response regarding the phone call and letter post-1/22/13 SEC letter to him. 

3/3/2013 - Some of the current partnerships for PunchTV: Network http://thoughtnetwork.tv/ // http://wondertrack.com/  // http://www.unitedfightnation.com/  // http://www.marketwatch.com/story/ic-places-shows-begin-airing-over-connectivision-digital-networks-2012-08-22  //  http://www.clearvisiondigitalnetworks.com/site/network00.html  // http://www.urbansoulradio.fm/  //  Comcast Cable Customers in Jackson, Mississippi Area (special thanks to "Milesblue42" for the info)

3/6/2013 -  "Punch TV's Joseph Collins sets sight on airwave domination."   Great article here about Joseph Collins and his vision for PunchTV.

3/14/2013 - IC Punch Media announces move to ne HQ.  See details here

3/15/2013 - Bashers still at it over on LieHub.  And, as if you needed another example of the bias over there, here is an example of a bashers post being "stickied" , while the CEO's response is deleted.  The CEO's post has since been reinstated, although we don't know for how long.  See the bashers post here, and the CEO's response here

3/17/2013 - New show for PunchTV.  Welcome to the first season of Step Up 2 the Mic!  - a singing contest for kids 8-12.  This is your chance to appear on national TV.  You could win a recording deal, a scholarship and a home studio!  Top contestants will work with vocal and production coaches. The top 3 contestants will compete for the grand prize at the School of Rock in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Visit the website here

3/25/2013 - Clear Channel Airports' New TV Network Launches in Second International Airport To Deliver the Best Entertainment Experience to RDU's 9.2 Million Annual Travelers.  See the news release here.

3/26/2013Due to Overwhelming Response From Shareholders and the Public, IC Punch Media Opens Shareholder Meeting to Public.  See details here.

3/29/2013 - Today, Punch TV announced that the world-class boxer's new reality show, WELCOME TO THE MAYWEATHER'S HOUSE, will debut in the Fall of 2013.  Read more about World-Class Boxing Trainer Floyd Mayweather, Sr. Lands Reality Show on Punch TV - BWWTVWorld by tv.broadwayworld.com, details here.

4/1/2103 - PNCH files a Form 12b-25... Notification of Late Filing.  Here.  Also, here and here are comments from Steve on the issue.

4/2/2013 - Yesterday we made reference on our blog about a CEO being investigated by the SEC for releasing company information on Facebook.  Well today the SEC released a memorandum on the issue of companies releasing material information via social media.  Read it here.

4/4/2013 -   Celebrity Teen Scene Magazine Lands TV Show Featuring Entertainment News "For Teens, By Teens", see details here

4/13/2013 - PunchTV announces Prime-Time Slate:  See details here

4/15/2013 - 10-K released today... see it here.  See some comments here

4/18/2013 - Punch Television Network’s 2013 Upfront A Huge Success on Universal City Walk.  Details here

4/23/2013 - Just for fun... here is a 2013 revenue projection.

4/24/2013 - ALLENTOWN, Pa. Clear Channel Airports (CCA) announced that its airport TV network, ClearVision, launched at Dallas Love Field (DAL).  Details here.  (This is #3 out of the 5 the CEO said he needed to become profitable on the deal.  There are many more to come this year, 12 in total this year.)

 4/26/2013 - Looks like PNCH may have been promoted this morning.  Here is a link to some of the promoters, and it looks like Blue Wave Advisors is behind several, if not all of the promo letters.  However, here is the company CEO addressing the subject, here.

4/27/2013 - Joseph Collins creates an incident calling for an SEC investigation into Steve's handling of the company.  See the details here and here.

4/28/2013 - Given this weekends events, there was a request made for the corporate bylaws for the company.  HERE they are. 

5/01/2013 - Apparently, Mr. Joseph Collins has created another Facebook page for PunchTV.  Please be advised, the OFFICIAL PunchTV Facebook page is located at HERE.  (This is a new web address as of 5/10/13 - notice the "VUTelevision" extension)

5/3/2013 - Mr. Samblis posts on Investors Hangout what many consider his strongest info release to date.  See it here, with commentary here.

5/5/2013 - Another excellent exchange on the Collins hostile takeover attempt, here.

5/5/2013 - Two recent posts from Steve on the status of PNCH, here, and here

5/5/2013 - Who "owns" PunchTV ?  See the details here.

5/11/2103 - WOW... looks like changes are coming !  http://vutelevision.com/

5/11/2103 - Does Collins have a new website also?  http://efxnetwork.com/  See registry details here.

5/13/2013 - WOW... what a bombshell today.  See the 8-K notice here(more to come later)

5/15/2013 - Collins distances himself from the PunchTV brand and creates a new idenity for his network.  http://efxnetwork.com/  Looks like he may have a better web designer than Samblis at this point.

5/15/2013 - Very positive post from Steve regarding the current state of the company.  Here.

5/21/2013 - 10-Q was filed today (1st quarter of 2013)... see it here.

5/22/2103 - Excellent recap of the events surrounding the questions raised about the 10-Q report, here.

5/22/2013 -  IC Punch Media, Inc. (OTCQB:PNCH) today named Gayle Dickie, former veteran TV syndicator, producer and entertainment executive as President of IC Punch Media, Inc.  See article here.

5/23/2013 - Newly appointed President Gayle Dickie has some unexplained legal issues with one of her previous companies.  See details and commentary here.

5/24/2013 - VU Media Corp CEO responds to the newly appointed President Gayle Dickie controversy, however his response raises even more questions.  See the details here.

6/6/2013 - IC Punch Media Announces its National Launch... see atricle here.

6/10/2013 - Ammended 10-Q out today (correcting convertable debt amounts) see it here.

6/11/2013 - IC Punch Media, Inc. announced today it has signed Amy Castle, the YouTube star of "What's Amy Eating? Full article here.

6/14/2013 - IC Punch Media Inc. Announces Acquisition of Two New Children’s Shows.  Full article here.

6/21/2013 - IC Punch Media Inc. Announces Docu-Drama Series, Code 9 - Officer needs Assistance.  See details here

6/22/2013 - Excellent post by the CEO informing readers about the Out Of The Home distribution (OTHD) affiliation for exposure of the VU Network.  See details here.

6/24/2013 - Big news... IC Punch Media, Inc. Owners of The VU Television Network Announce Content and Co-Production with China's JP Investment Advisors Ltd. Beijing.    See details here.

6/24/2013Here are some news orginazations that custommairly pick up PNCH press releases.  Impressive list, and illistrates the reach of a single press release.

7/10/2013 - Filmon Launches 24/7 Hollywood Fast Lane Broadcast Channel.  See details here.  See it live here

7/23/2013 - CEO, Steven Samblis, issues another formal public statement about he or the company selling shares.  He also talks about retiring 306-million shares of company stock.  See the statement here.  See some associated comments related to a CEO's public statements here

7/31/2013 - PNCH stock hits all time low today of .0009 on heavy volume.  Is PNCH imploding?  See commentary here

8/14/2013 - Late filing notice for the August 10-Q filed today.  See the notice here

8/20/2013 - 2nd quarter 10-Q is out.  See details here

9/10/2013 - Finally... a news release.  See the details here.

9/20/2013 - Samblis email thread over domain purchase.  See the exchange here.

9/22/2013 - LAUNCH DELAYED !  See details here, and commentary here.

9/22/2013 - CEO releases statement about the delay, see it here.

9/28/2013 - IC Punch Media, Inc. (PNCH) announced today it has acquired the rights to 2000+ hours of video.  See details here.

10/08/2013 - Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE) to Offer Clear Channel Outdoor’s ClearVision TV Network announced today, here.

11/14/2013 - Late filing notice for the quarterly report, here.

11/19/2013 - Quarterly report, period ending September 30, 2013, here.

12/05/2013 - Samblis rescinds the resession agreement. See details and commentary here.

12/07/2013 - Punch TV Prepares to Sue IC Punch Media and Steve Samblis for $50 Million, see details here.

12/20/2013 - Interview with Joseph Collins here.

 01/14/2014 - Clear Channel Airports Launches Advanced Digital Media at Philadelphia International Airport, details here.  This should be #5 launched so far.  However, there is some question as to this being the type that VU Television makes money with, see this post here. The 5th airport to launch was reported to be the breakeven point for profitability in this deal.  Original press releases indicated there would be 12 on-line by the end of 2013.  Better late than never some would say !

02/24/2014 - Company changes name back to IC Places, Inc.  Details here.

03/26/2014 - Company does a reverse split on the stock.  Details here. As of this writing, no word from CEO.

4/15/2014 - 2013 10K report out today.  See it here

4/15/2014 - Lawsuit against Samblis/IC Punch Media omitted in 10K report.  See details here.

4/24/2013 - ImagineTV acquires sponsor, Reed's, details here.

4/20/2014 - Amended 10-KA report filed today, details here. (O/S count adjusted)

4/28/2014 - IC Places Forms Studio Partnership With Empire Media Center, see details here. See the studio here.

5/2/2014 - CEO files 8-K... gives back 10.9 million shares of his personal common stock.  See details here.  Mr. Samblis still maintains majority control of company with his Preferred shares.  Authorized Share amount still stands at 4-billion shares, of which the CEO controls 2.4-billion voting rights.

5/13/2014 - PNCH ticker fails to maintain .01 PPS and falls to Pink Sheet trading.  See details here.  No word yet from CEO.

5/15/2014 - Mr. Samblis files for extension on the 10-Q due today.  See the filing here.

5/30/2014 - American Pie and Final Destination Producer to Lead Productions at IC Places.  See pr release here.  See comentary here.

6/04/2014 - IC Places Signs Previous Project Runway Winner to Lead Spanish Language Version of Imagination TV.  Details here.

6/11/2104 - Imagination TV's New Show "UnCommon Denominator" Begins Filming Interviews With Moguls, Authors and High Achievers to Discover their Path to Greatness - details here.

7/09/2014 - Yet another amendment to the 10K, here.

9/03/2014 - Investment community learns that Ms. Samblis, CEO of IC Places, Inc. is sued again.  Details here.

9/12/2014 - 10Q is finally filed.  Details here.

9/30/2014 - LOS ANGELES, Sept. 30, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- IC Places Inc. (OTC Pink: PNCH) is pleased to announce, in partnership with FilmOn.  Details here.

10/17/2014 - IC Places, Inc. does another reverse split of their stock.  The 4th R/S, and 300 to 1 this time.  Details here.

10/20/2014 - IC Places, Inc. changes its name to Imagination TV, and will change its ticker symbol to IMTV.  Details here.

11/05/2014 - Imagination TV, Inc. Retains Legal Counsel to Demand Accounting From ClearVision Airport Television Network.  Details here.

11/14/2014 - Imagination TV files extension to quarterly reporting, details here.

1/02/2015 - IC Places, Inc. files 10-Q report for the period ending September 30, 2014.  Details here.

1/26/2015 - Imagination TV Signs Letter of Intent to Acquire The Fashion Media Company - RUNWAY®, see details here.

1/29/2015 - Imagination TV Signs Agreement to Air Weekly Two Hour Block Every Sunday Night on Time Warner Cable, see details here.

2/09/2015 - Imagination TV Offers Shareholders and the Public a Free One Year Subscription to RUNWAY® - see details here.

2/12/2015 - Imagination TV Signs National Distribution Agreement to Air Across Multiple Platforms Live and On-Demand - see details here.

3/19/2015 - 8K filing.  The Company CEO Steven Samblis has elected to convert 35 million shares of the Series A Convertible Preferred share which he holds into 350 million shares of Imagination TV common shares.