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Monday, May 25, 2020


About Punch:

There was a nice article here listing the people affiliated with PNCH, IC Punch Media, IC Places, Inc, or whatever the name of the company currently is... however, in true Samblis form, he sent us the following email (click to enlarge) telling us to remove the information.  If he only spent as much time running the company as he apparently does looking for people that quote something from one of his web sites... maybe the company wouldn't be trading at sub-penny prices.  Mr. Samblis... focus on the things that really matter, not displaying actions that indicate your arrogance and vindictiveness. 

AnotherREMOVEemail 021514 


So... we did as he asked... and replaced it with this:  It is certainly not copyrighted material because it can be found here, and here

Steven-Samblis mugshot


And to further illistrate what a swell guy Mr. Samblis is... here is another aspect of him you may want to be aware of (click to enlarge):  Original can be viewed here (next to the last picture in the post)


Samblis Pic 7b

 Because character really does matter !