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Monday, April 06, 2020


In this article we will demonstrate the deceit of Investors Hub (IH), their management, and their selected MOD's.  You will see, via documents available (at the time of this writing), that support our position.

First, we start off with a notice, or warning if you will, about how and why posts are deleted on the board.  We have highlighted one paticular section, but will reference others within the post along the way.

Here is the post from which we will work: (click to enlarge)

 SubjectToRemoval Rich

 The section we highlighted it states that anytime you post about "Users", "or reference groups of Posters", this makes your post "subject to removal".  This "subject to removal" statement references an action that, due to it being subjective, means your post can be summarily deleted based on another person's interpretation of your chosen words.  

Here is how dictionary.com defines subjective:


1. existing in the mind; belonging to the thinking subject rather than to the object of thought ( opposed to objective ).
2. pertaining to or characteristic of an individual; personal; individual: a subjective evaluation.
3. placing excessive emphasis on one's own moods, attitudes, opinions, etc.; unduly egocentric.
4. Philosophy . relating to or of the nature of an object as it is known in the mind as distinct from a thing in itself.
5. relating to properties or specific conditions of the mind as distinguished from general or universal experience.
So... who will be making these decisions on your post staying or being deleted???  Well, we know its not YOU, so it must be the MOD's, or the Admin (who represent Investors Hub (the company)). 
We think we have demonstrated, via other links and articles on our site, the blatant bias of the MOD's and Admin's of IH, so now, through the use of additional graphics we will demonstrate this once again.
 Here is a graphic taken from the link provided in the above graphic regarding the "when/why" messages are removed:
(again, click to enlarge for ease of viewing)
2 SubjectToRemoval Rich
Please note that there are NO references, or clairifying statements, or limitations to, with regard to clairification of "members".   There are however, inherent references to the overall "Terms of Service" (TOS) clairifications, which state:
"These documents are not intended to be all-inclusive references explaining and giving examples of every single act that can result in administrative sanctions and every single thing that won't. We have tried, but the fact of the matter is that we will never get there. Such a document would be enormous and really shouldn't be necessary.
It should be good enough and clear enough that iHub participants are expected to be civil with one another and that those who are unwilling to do so may and likely will be shown the door. We ask that everyone show common courtesy and respect for other Members so that all can enjoy and benefit from their participation at Investors Hub." (ehphsis added for reference)
With the next graphic you will see why we draw attention to this specific section.
 3 SubjectToRemoval Rich
Reference is drawn to the section where the poster personally attacks another member, who just happens to also be the CEO of the company for which this board discusses.  Now, there was a post somewhere (by an Admin we believe) on IH that at one time stated this type of attack was permitted because the CEO is a "public figure".  Well, there are volumes and volumes of literature, court cases, and court decisions on the definitation of a "public figure", certainly far too much data to display here, or even debate here.  The point is... there is NO references to limitations or exclusions of public figures in IH's Terms of Service documents.  AND... as highlighted above, the general TOS states... "It should be good enough and clear enough that iHub participants are expected to be civil with one another...".  We ask you... what part of characterizing the CEO of the company (and a member of the IH board) as being a scam-artist is being civil ???
In this next graphic you will see how IH selectively applies the TOS rules for some but not for others.  Can you guess what others?
The general theory is, if a post is deleted under the TOS, then any post in reply to the deleted post will be deleted also, as it renders the reply to a deleted post, off-topic.  However, you will see instince after instance where a basher's reply post to a supporter's initial post, will be left to stand.  In essence the reader sees the basher's (many times inaccurate) reply but will not see what information the basher is replying to. 
 4 SubjectToRemoval Rich
What was the rationale behind keeping this post???  Could it be that, I don't know... maybe the poster is also a MOD ???  If you haven't guessed it... yes they are !  
Below is another post that is a blatant personal attack.... AND... this post was originally deleted - but then reinstated!  So, this post was originally deleted upon review of a MOD (likely a pro-PNCH MOD), then reinstated by a basher MOD.  One can only assume that the original MOD reported such to the Admin, and you now see the result of that review.
5 SubjectToRemoval Rich
Now here is another example of selective enforcement of the rules and regulations.  In this next graphic you will see the "Vulgarity" rules as copied from the TOS. 
(remember to click the graphic to enlarge)
11 Vulgarity
Now... take a look at this post, and focus in one the highlighted section at the end of the post.  This post was still viewable as this article was being drafted.  ANY reasonable person can see that this post should have been immediately deleted.
11 SubjectToRemoval VinceLong
We will continue to post the most outrageous examples of the lies, bias, and deceit on LieHub as they become available.  Well actually, as time becomes avaiable, because there are outrageous examples every day.  There is not enough time in the day to post ALL the examples of how fradulent they are over there.  However, keep in mind that it is extremely difficult to show you all the good posts that get deleted... because they get deleted.  Some are deleted immediately, while others may last maybe a few minutes.  Its almost impossible to sit there and hit refresh every few seconds in order to catch a post before its deleted.  If YOU have any copies of good posts that have been deleted, please forward them to us, we would certainly appreciate you doing so. 
And again... we wish to thank all the level headed posters over there.  There are actually many MANY responsibile posters on Investors Hub, that try their best, in spite of the bias and deceit exhibited by the (basher) MOD's and the Admins.  However, it is unlikely you will ever see those posts because the vast majority are summarily deleted.

Here is a post today (4/3/13) that exemplifies the tactics and methods the bashers use on LieHub.  In this post you can clearly see the poster attempts to tell others that the original (basher) post conveniently leaves off the part about Steve later winning a lawsuit against the witness for fraudulent testimony.  In other words... the SEC action became null and void due to the witness lying under oath.  BUT... the post about Steve's exoneration was deleted !   Here is the FULL report.


(Click to enlarge) SEC Lie


And here is another one that got deleted immediately:
(remember... click to enlarge)
Ann1 Post